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Awesome Sauce Productions
We are a Cosplay group that's finally decided on a name! Awesome Sauce Productions, or ASP for short.
Ryu is VairaDraws
Zephyr is ZephyrPhoenix
Hey all, Ryu here!

First off, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who stopped me to take my picture. It was a great feeling to be apart of the cosplay community again.
I had a decent time, the people there were awesome. The con wasn't very well organized, but it was their first so I'll let it slide this time haha

Missed the Ghibli panel - wayyy too many people wanted to go. Saw the Walk off - which was pretty well done. Tooled around and just enjoyed the first day. Scoped out art we liked... if we remembered it the next day, we could consider buying it. Really glad I made snacks and had a water bottle... saved me a lot of hassle. Also met MissSinger which was a complete highlight of the con! <3 Really nice, down to earth chick who I would really like to get to know properly.

Saturday was hectic, Nijero was in the walkoff and unfortunately did not progress.
Anime Improv with the 404s and the Brony Panel... Which was in the same room as an 18+ panel. Bright person whoever decided on that.
Here's us singing!…

Final day was really dissapointing because we wanted to see the AMV contest... how could one possibly screw that up?
-3 hours long... seriously?
-People didn't know how to fullscreen...
-Screen was too low, couldn't see subtitles on comedy videos
-Videos WITH NOTHING BUT PLANES. NOT ANIME, HUMAN PLANES. This is an AMV contest, not a 'Movie Music Video' contest. (Also Grand Turismo 5... really?)
-Staff didn't listen to us yell 'turn it up' which sucked because we were in the same room as the gaming room - we heard a lot of 'pewpewpew'.

Also when we got food before heading into the con there was a complete racist jerk in the McDonalds line. It was his turn to go and the Asian lady in front of us tapped his shoulder and pointed at the waving cashier, politely saying that she was open. What does he do? "You can fucking go there yourself, mind your own business and shut your mouth"
I was in complete shock. I looked over at Chaos-Tears thinking, 'that did not just happen'. I was so angry, I was shaking. I could not let it go. He needed to know that he could not get away with being a complete dick without someone saying something. So when I got my drink I saw him sit down and I went over to him. I asked him if he was having a bad day (trying to love and tolerate) and he promptly told me to get the hell away from him. I told him that was fine, but it was not right to be rude like that to someone when you're having a bad day. At this point he threatened to call security. I told him to go ahead, and he didn't. I think that kinda shocked him that I didn't give a crap. (I'd just tell security the damn truth). He said 'you people' come here once a year, I live here and come here everyday. "Yeah, okay, I [live here] too." I told him again that it wasn't okay and as I was walking away he told me to leave. "I'm going!"
What a dick. I don't care if you're older, if you're a complete asshole to someone who was trying to help you (in this case get your food faster) then you have issues and need to sort them out. I hope he feels that he was wrong, but I don't think so. People confuse me sometimes. I can love and tolerate to an extent. MLP doesn't get into racial differences a lot, and certainly not in this form, so I can't really draw a comparison. Let me just say: He was a dick.

All in all though I had a great time, it's just that the bad things tend to outshine the good in some ways... They stick with you easier.
Yeah, thought I'm really excited to see my photo/video from I heart Nerdy Girls. -nodnod-
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Anubis-Reborn Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
Awesome MLP Cosplays (I haven't seen the rest yet, but i get a feeling they will be just as amazing.
AwesomeSaucePro Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
Thank you very much! -Ryu
theakatsukifangurl Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009
yosh! u have an awsome cosplay!! were did u find it?*yeah im random but proud ta be meh>:D*
AwesomeSaucePro Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009
We actually made all of those cosplay ourselves; save for Zelda.
Zelda's costume was bought through Ebay, but everything else was made by Ryu_Vampiress. :3
VairaDraws Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn straight! <3 lol
theakatsukifangurl Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2009
wow those were AWSOME!
blackstainedflowers Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2009
Guuuh, double post
blackstainedflowers Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2009
You guys ish hearted for faves :heart: <3 :heart: LUFFFF!
blackstainedflowers Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2009
You guys ish hearted for faves :heart: <3 :heart: LUFFFF!
twiliheroine Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2009
Hello, not sure if you remember me but I am the Link that hung out with you guys for a bit.
Did you get many pictures while at AE?
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